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non corrosive chemical for removing concrete buildup

Liquid Hammer is a water-based, environmetally friendly chemical for cleaning concrete and mortar off your machines, vehicles, and tools. Liquid Hammer can safely remove cement-based materials from almost any surface.

What is Liquid Hammer

Liquid Hammer can be applied as foam, as well as liquid


Formulated for "on-site" usage. It is safe for use in applications where containment measures are not available to collect run-off.

100% Biodegradable

Liquid Hammer is non-corrosive. This means that even sensitive engine components can be cleaned without fear of damage.


Liquid Hammer is best applied as foam which sticks to the concrete and is absorbed. It re-hydrates the concrete, for easy removal by rinsing or pressue washing the surface.

How to use Liquid Hammer


Use Liquid Hammer Concentrate with a foaming sprayer for best result

Liquid Hammer is sprayed as foam

Liquid Hammer dissolves the concrete

The foam sticks to the concrete - less waste

How Liquid Hammer Works

Hard Concrete Is Turned Into a Paste and Reasily Removed


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